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About Us

At Highland Real Estate Group, we are committed to developing unique and better places for today’s growing and changing population. That’s why Highland communities are places that make it easier for people to connect with each other and the environments in which they live, work and play. We make sure that each of our projects is carefully considered, thoughtfully planned and well designed. We accomplish this while providing a reasonable return on investment, respecting the integrity of the land and honoring God in all we do.

Having successfully developed a broad portfolio of income generating and appreciating real estate holdings, Highland offers the opportunity to participate in creating the kind of places that result in a win for our clients, building partners, public entities, residents and property owners. We approach each development opportunity acknowledging that we must clearly define for the market not only “What” a new development is, but even more importantly “Why” it is needed.


Founded in 2000, Highland’s first development was the high end estate community of Woodland Hall located along the scenic Olentangy River Valley near Powell. Today, Woodland Hall is recognized as one of central Ohio’s most spectacular places to live. It also set the standard for every Highland project to follow.  Instead of carving 200 home sites into the 135 acres at Woodland Hall, only 37 were developed because Highland believed that’s what was appropriate for that particular piece of land. It’s an approach that raises the value of everything including the quality of life for those who live there. Whether it’s finding a way for homes to naturally coexist within a beautiful landscape, developing a business or retail setting that feels like it belongs there, or helping a client transform a lifelong dream into reality, the Highland Real Estate standard will not change.


Scott T. Mallory,

CEO, Founder


Deborah Molinaro,

Managing Director Accounting


Greg Rhine,

Director of Property Management


Mary Beth Butler,

Office Manager


Kevin Dudley,

Catalyst Executive Director


Randall Loebig,


Mark Voltmann,

Executive Vice President


Matt Skinner,

Land Development

Sharon Kisiel,

Project Manager


Steve Kocher,

Property Manager